Friday, July 25, 2008

Peanut's Room upgrade

the red velvet curtains make the room
glow in the morning, and make it black
as night at the right time.

Oh look, Winnie the Pooh stuffed toys
on the shelf. There is also a hanging
monkey as well so it's not all Disney.

I got Jenni to agree to a Pooh mobil.
It even plays the theme song. It's
not my fault she's begining to see
the light...and that light would be a
Pooh nightlight (not pictured).

I believe people will say that I influence Jenni
too much when it comes to Disney. I say to
those people, "Stop talking. You're nosey and
you smell funny too."

We went with the Lady bug bedding set. Yeah,
I know, we should've went with the Winnie the
Pooh set, but we do need a variety, spice of life
and all that sort of thing, and the Lady Bugs are
kinda cute too.

Friday, July 4, 2008

The Next Phase of Peanut's Room

Happy 4th of July to everyone!!! We were able to go to the beach for the holiday and so far it has been peaceful and glorious. I hope the Utah crew is not melting completely cuz you got it hot over there. Thanks to My Brother and Richard, we were able to make some progress on the baby's room last weekend. While they were putting together the crib and the changing table Jenni and I put up the Chair Rail around the room. We still have to hide the finishing nails with putty, and touch up the paint, but it is up and in my humble opinion, it looks gooooood. Our next phase is to get the mattress, changing table pad, and bookshelf. Then we will decorate with subtle Winnie the Pooh items and anything else Jenni wants to do. After that is accomplished the room will be complete!!! muuhaahaawaahaawaa!!!

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