Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Doctor's visit on Monday

Hello all. So Jenni and I went to the doctor for a check up. Everything is great and the heartbeat sounds strong and steady. The doctor says that Jenni has gained considerable weight, but as we all know Jenni I can't find it. Doc said a pound a week for the rest of the pregnancy would be advisable. They then put me on the scale and apparently it was a competition to see who can gain the most weight and I'm winning. As a side note after I got off the scale it wouldn't work for the next person and as we were leaving the office I heard one of the nurses calling maintenance asking for them to come and fix the scale...again I think that means I win.

I also asked the nurse about what Jenni could do if she got a cold again. I had to ask because I've already been accused by many (and you know who you are) of giving her a cold due to my constant contact with 20 kindergarten Petri dishes. Of course she did fly on a plane to Minnesota and has had pressure and stress of doing her yearly coffee show, but everyone’s convinced it was my powers alone that has sickened my love. Anyway, I'm sounding more pathetic right now instead of sympathetic, you can take Robitussin, or Sudafed, or Tylenol if you are pregnant so at least there was some useful information from all of that.

We didn't get any ultrasounds on this trip but we have our previous ultrasounds to put on this site so they will be coming soon. We will also put the "Jenni getting bigger" pictures on the site too. Take care all.

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