Monday, June 30, 2008

The Last Ultra's of the Peanut

These will be the last pictures in-utero. The visit was a fun one. The technician remembered us from the last visit and was very pleasant. I took the opportunity to ask if we could get some pictures and she set us up with some very awesome 3-D shots. As she was taking the pictures we noticed that the umbilical cord was on one side of peanut's face and her hand was on the other. As the technician was changing her view to get a better shot we discovered that in fact the appendage in question was not her hand but her foot. As we realized this it was peanut's time to shine. The foot went from in front of the face to into the mouth at which time the technician got a perfect picture (the non 3-D shot) and labeled it toe in now the only question is this; do we have to extend her nickname to toe suckin peanut? Only time will tell.

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